Risking it

“Ships in harbor are safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” – John Shedd

I wouldn’t necessarily say that my “ship” has been docked safely this past year… it’s been more like neglected.  And yet, I did take a huge personal risk last year, though it didn’t have anything to do with my writing.  I spent most of the year training to hike the rolling hills of western England, and it was an amazing journey of over 75 miles putting one foot in front of the other and connecting to the land!  Even though I didn’t write while I was there, it doesn’t mean my brain wasn’t percolating on future (and current) writing projects.  However, I used up most of my energy in just the physical training.

Now that I’ve been home almost nine months I’m still continuing to train, but I now feel like I can focus on other projects – namely writing.  And I recently took a huge risk for me!  Back in December I began uploading my YA historical romance novel Maid & Hood up on an author website called Tablo, which has been described as a sort of YouTube for authors.  I can collect followers and have discussions about my writing as I’m working on it, and once I feel it’s polished enough I can publish via Tablo to sites such as amazon.com and other e-publishers.  If you’d like to check on my progress, you can find it here.

Hope you enjoy!