Listening to that Quiet Voice

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher

I started this blog by accident, really.  I have other blogs that I write infrequently, but none of them have a real direction.  This one is mine… my own… that quiet voice saying, “try again tomorrow…”

I am a writer.  Whether I’m a good one remains to be seen by the wider world, but I identify myself as a writer more than any other aspect of my life.  Yet, I don’t do much of it lately – or at least not the kind of writing that feeds my soul.  I discovered late in life that writing is my passion… not TOO late, thank goodness!  But late enough that other obligations inserted themselves to the top of the priority list.  Alas that writing often falls to the bottom of that list!

All the advice columns in the writers’ magazines or workshops by famous authors tell you that you must write every day.  Intellectually I agree that it makes sense – I definitely get better at it the more I write.  However, emotionally, physically, energetically and inspirationally I might beg to differ.  I already have to find time to work-out, eat right, be a good employee, be a good community leader, clean my house, pay my bills… you get the drift!

Now, that sounds like whining.  I absolutely recognize that.  I have excuses galore, but still no more time or energy.  So this blog, I hope, will become my journey of rediscovering my inspiration, my creativity, my passion for writing.

Maybe tomorrow I will try again… after all, I have a “Great American Novel” to finish.